Sunday, June 19, 2016

It's here!

The Fourth Edition of the Jerry's Map poster has just come in from the printers and is being offered on Ebay at $60 plus shipping and handling. It's a beauty! Go there now and take a look: (I hope that link works! If not, just go to and search "Jerry's Map.") Thanks!


  1. Hey Jerry, I can see some places when I scrutinize the map, where there's some kind of offset -- it looks like a large part of the map has slid up (or down) a column. Is that an intentional effect caused by your card-driven creative process? Or something weirder?

  2. Hey Christopher, this is interesting observation that I can't see. Could you be more specific about where this it is?

  3. See this explanation:

    1. Ah! Yes after looking through it carefully I too have found the offset. It seems to be a misprint. The original map has not changed. Thanks for pointing out this out!


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